Fuel Restoration

Fuel restoration or fuel polishing is needed because fuel degradation is a natural process, which has been compounded with the advent of EPA controls for diesel fuel.  Today's fuel does not store well and the low usage in generators requires the fuel to recieve attention that here before has not been as necessary.  Many generators can hold fuel for many years causing it to break down.  Stagnant fuel can cause costly repairs for the system.  Degraded fuel contains contaminants such as water, rust, bacteria, and dirt particles that collect in the bottom of the tank.  If the fuel is not treated the filters will clog and the system may fail at the time that you need it most! 

The process of Fuel Restoration, basically, is removing the contaminated fuel from the tank bottom, cleaning the tank if needed, filtering the fuel, and returning the clean fuel to the system, making it usable again.  The system not only filters the fuel, but also reconditions, and eliminates the water. 

Fuel Restoration can help save you a bundle!  It boosts the life span of fuel, and saves you from having to replace fuel, filters, and possibly fuel pump and injector repairs.


Integrated Power Systems, Inc. provides diesel fuel tank cleaning. When fuel restoration or fuel polishing is needed, fuel tank cleaning is often required as well.