Generator Service Packages

Integrated Power Systems Inc. performs many different types of services for all makes and models of generators.  We provide Contract Maintenance Agreements for preventative measures to ensure that your generator will perform as it should in an emergency. To Enquire About a Service Package for your Generator Contact Us Here

Load Bank Testing

We also provide Load Bank Testing up to 3000 kW, which challenges the unit to deliver its full rated power.  This certifies that the system will handle the electrical capacity it was designed to do. For many industries this is now required by law to do. Learn More About Load Bank Testing Here

Fuel Restoration & Tank Cleaning

Fuel Restoration or "Polishing" is another service we provide which permits fuel that has degraded over time to be restored to a safe, serviceable condition.  This has become increasingly important with the advent of modern day diesel fuel.  Todays fuel will not sustain long periods of storage, as is normal in generator use.  In addition, generator diesel fuel tanks normally accumulate substantial quantities of sludge in the bottom which tends to contaminate fuel as it is added.  Thus requiring filtering, "polishing", or tank cleaning. To find out more Contact Us Here


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